How to Increase the Bass in Windows Media Player

Microsoft's Windows Media Player is a multimedia program that allows users to play, manage and view audio and video files on a computer. Much like a traditional stereo, Windows Media Player has settings that can be modified to adjust the tonal properties of audio playback.

How to Increase the Bass in Windows Media Player

Users can adjust the treble, mid-range or bass by using the program's graphic equalizer and SRS Wow effects. To get the most out of the program, users should know how to adjust these settings, including how to increase the bass in Windows Media Player. This process applies to versions 10 and 11.

Graphic Equalizer

1: Click on "View."

2: Go to "Enhancements" and select "Graphic Equalizer."

3: Click and drag the vertical slide bar marked "31Hz." Dragging the slide bar up will increase the bass.

SRS Wow Effects

4: Click on "View."

5: Go to "Enhancements" and select "SRS Wow Effects."

1: Go to the horizontal slide bar marked "TruBass" and slide it to the right to increase the bass.